Weston (Dublin) to Waterford

Flying in Ireland is delightfully relaxed, with friendly and helpful ATC and a huge sky almost devoid of air traffic. Numerous private airfields dot the land, although most require PPR (always given with the utmost cordiality in my experience) and are usually devoid of facilities, other than a friendly and helpful owner or operator.

With the exception of Dublin, which has punitive charges for light aircraft, public airfields are also welcoming and accomodating. One such is Waterford, destination od this flight, which originates at Weston, Irelands' busiest GA airport. Weston is about 15 miles from Dublin city and just to the south of Dublin airport, but it is difficult to get a hire car delivered there. Taxis are not a problem, though, and there are several good hotels within a mile or so.

Weston Airfield

Weston is sandwiched between the Dublin control zone and Baldonnel military airspace, with controlled airspace right overhead. Departing to the west, though, you can remain low and clear along the route of the Royal Canal.

It's soon how quickly radio contact with Dublin is lost out here, flying at 1000'. However, the mighty Shannon and the city of Athlone soon come into view..

The ancient city of Athlone stands on the river Shannon. The railway viaduct was originally a moving structure, built to clear the masts of admiralty sailing ships long ago.


South of Athlone, the River Shannon winds SW to the Atlantic. In the distance, the Slieve Bloom mountains (1734') beckon. On this high pressure October day, low cloud and poor visibility lie to the West, while clearer weather to the south is more accomodating.

The Mighty Shannon

Beyond the mountains, the town of Kilkenny is one of many in Ireland with a privately owned airstrip.


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