Prescott to Payson, Globe and Falcon Field

Taking off from Prescott, our route to Globe takes us past the Mogollon Rim and along Theodore Roosevelt Lake to Globe. We then continue to Phoenix's Falcon Field.

The Mogollon Rim, North of Payson


Roosevelt Lake

Roosevelt lake from the north.

Stretching almost 30 miles, Roosevelt lake supplies water to Phoenix through the roosevelt dam and the Salt River. Roosevelt dam is located on one side of the lake where the waters enter the Salt River Canyon.

Roosevelt Dam and Bridge.

Globe (San Carlos Regional)

Beyond the South end of Roosevelt Lake are the mining towns of Miami and Globe, with their airport of San Carlos Regional

Inbound to Globe

When I land, Globe is deserted. Fortunately, I have fuel to continue to my next destination. The ramp at Globe is domination by a PBY Cataline in the process of restoration, but there is not much else to see. Soon, I am on my way again.


About 60mi to the west of Globe is the great city of Phoenix, apparantly so named because it arose from the ashes of the hot desert. Phoenix lies where the waters of the Salt River flow onto the desert floor and at the mouth of the Salt River canyon is the airport of Mesa (Falcon Field), where many young British pilots trained during WW2.

Inbound to Mesa, I pick up the Salt river well clear of Phoenix and use it's meanders and dams for visual reference. I don't want to overfly Mesa and blunder into PHX's busy airspace! Right on cue, Mesa's parallel runways appear and I turn to the East for landing on runway 04R.

Today, Falcon Field is home to the fascinating Champlain air museum. Seperate halls house extensive collections of WW1 and WW2 aircraft, all presented to the highest standard.

Although most of the WW1 aircraft are modern replicas, they appear utterly convincing and completely airworthy, which many are. I never get used to seeing Sopwiths and other WW1 aircraft in the dry heat of California and Arizona, so for from the green fields of England and especially Old Warden, where some of the originals still fly on calm summer evenings.

All too soon, it's time to leave for the long (in a 152!) trip back to Prescott. Climbing to the East from Mesa, I make a detour to the South to see the Superstion mountains, home of the famed 'Lost Dutchman' mine. Conveniently located within sight of downtown Phoenix, the mine has been the subject of innumerable searches and a number of deaths. Although it seems certainly to have existed, the Lost Dutchman mine has never been found. I am not about to start looking for it in my 152, but the mountains make a spectacular picture in the afternoon sun.

After crossing the Southern flank of the mountains, I turn North toward Payson and Prescott.

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