Gauge 2 Dumb Buffered Wagons


These delightful little wagons came mostly from the Rugby Vectis auctions at very modest prices and were initially converted to G1 by squeezing in the wheelsets. The small size of the wagons made them quite suitable for G1 running and they accompanied the ‘Crewe Type’ Mastodon at many G1 shows without looking out of place.


With the advent of the Gauge 2 Model Railway most of them have been converted back to 2” Gauge, where they make a very fitting accompaniment to the little Peckett 0-4-0 saddle tank, itself a G1 conversion.


The origin of these wagons is unknown. Since they appear quite often, they are presumed to be of commercial manufacture and certainly have G2 wheels and axleguards, parts that might not have been available after WW1. Very similar looking vehicles can be glimpsed in the pages of ‘Models, Railways and Locomotives’:



Mr W.H.Jubb’s ‘Greystones’ layout, in ‘Models, Railways & Locomotives’, Pg. 411, Dec 1911.


Construction is very simple, but robust.


The coal load is made with a shaped block of 4x2 and looks very modern. One block even has a kite mark! So maybe these wagons are not as old as they look. A case for carbon dating!




Regardless of their age, the little wagons fit well into the Gauge 2 railway.