The Goods Train

A complete train of G2 goods stock believed to have been made by Mr Geoge Richardson between the wars.

Headed by the Peckett (Carette, 1912) 0-4-0 Industrial, this stock was built to a very nice standard but without much detailing, typical of the period. They are of wood construction, very robust, with what appear to be Carette W irons,made as seperate pieces and genuine G2 wheels. They are kept together as a complete 'set' and run beautifully. There are no plans to modify or 'improve' them since they are so representative of the time to which they belong.

Ned Williams, who passed them onto me, says: "The models were believed  to have been built by George Richardson who was a fitter/engineer at the GWR's Stafford Road Works. He worked there until the works closed in the mid sixties. I am not quite sure when he built them but I had the impression that it was before the War. He and his son suddenly turned up in the mid 70s with a proposal that he bring his Gauge 2 layout to the annual exhibition of the Wolverhampton Model Railway Club. I eventually bought them as part of the estate of his son among all sorts of bits and pieces."