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Calcot Grange

Perhaps the most imposing Gauge 2 layout of all time, this model railway was built at Theale, Berkshire, in 1912. You can read about it in Ned William's Garden Rail, January, 2021 article.

We are fortunate that some items from this Edwardian wonder still survive, including the Brake van mentioned by Ned and the GW coaches described in these pages. The railway was described in the May, 1925 edition of Model Railway News, already some time after the layout had been dismantled. The 'two gentlemen' are of course Krabbe and Brabazon, the latter the same Brabazon who held the first pilot's licence in England and went down in history with the huge post Second World War airliner that was named after him.That the railway is described as 1 3/4" gauge is symptomatic: Gauge 2 had already been consigned to history's dustbin.