Bassett - Lowke 'Six-Coupled Tank Engine', Gauge 2, c. 1906.

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This Greenly's designed tank engine is one of the earliest surviving Gauge 2 models made by Bassett-Lowke. The surviving loco is a very early version with cast brass frames and superstructure and appears to pre-date the Six Coupled Tender Engine described elsewhere on this site. The cab back was missing and has been made in laser cut 3mm brass silversoldered to resemble a casting as originally fitted, but with the cab roof made to half length. This 'half cab' arrangement allows a 'chicken feed' tank to be installed in the bunker and above the footplate.

Note: Drawings are for the Tender Engine version, which is very similar but with a slightly longer boiler.
Operation of the tank engine is described in 'Model Railway News', March, 1926 pp. 69-70.

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