The Jubb Atlantic

The Jubb Atlantic

A New Record Run ?

26/9/2020 Revised 20/4/2021.

The Gauge 2 Jubb Atlantic simmering quietly after a possible record run, April, 2021.


This Gauge 2 locomotive was acquired from Osbourne Antiques in Rushden, Northants in 2019 by courtesy of Jeremy Viewing. Osbourne recalled acquiring it in turn from a collector on the South Coast who had owned it for about 50 years, back to WW2, who said that it was by Jubb. Is it seen here running on a temporary Gauge 2 track at Welton, Northants, in May, 2020. 


Mr FW Jubb was a keen model railway enthusiast in the years before the Great War and had produced models for his 'Greystones' Gauge 2 model railway, built in an upstairs bedroom in his house in Sheffield. After the war, he went into business producing mostly ‘O’ gauge rolling stock and accessories under the ‘JLS’ (Jubb Ltd Sheffield).


In 2020, a chance observation of an index page from of Henry Greenly’s monthly magazine “Models, Locomotives and Railways” appearing on the Brighton Model Museum Website led to a fascinating discovery: there was an article in the September 1910 edition entitled “Mr F. W. Jubb’s “Atlantic” Model”. Eventually a full set of these very rare magazines was acquired and the Sept. 1910 edition did indeed contain an article about a Gauge 2 Atlantic Model, strikingly similar to the one acquired from Osbournes. But was it the same one?


Here is the article: