Gauge 2 Passenger Carriages

All the Gauge 2 passenger stock is currently Carrette tinplate.

Carrette Gauge 2 LNWR 6-wheel Brake Third. In all, there are ten of these Carette 6-wheelers in varying conditions. Some, like this one, have been converted to 4-wheelers by removing the centre wheelset and fixing the swivelling end trucks in position. In this form they are steadier runners, but the long fixed wheelbase still makes them prone to derailment. As 4-wheelers, they are closer to scale, since all the Carette for Bassett Lowke passenger stock was foreshortened from scale dimensions. The side duckets are vulnerable to derailment as can be seen here.

The 'Cleminson' articulated underframe allowed them to operate on tinplate layouts and can be made to run reasonably well but these coaches are not an ideal load for steam locomotives because the risk of derailment never goes away.

Carette LNWR bogie composite. At 7/16" scale this coach comes out at 38' long, about 1 compartment shorter than the prototype which presumably was the LNWR 42' arc roofed coach. In addition, the Third class compartments are the same size as the Firsts, which would never do! Despite this, the model is a handsome vehicle. This one was included in the 'Abergavenn' lot from SAS and like the other G2 coaches from this source was filled to the waist with cement! The litho print is heavily darkened by some unknown process that has penetrated the ink and does not clean up. These models have the cast iron G2 wheelsets which are believed to have been an option at the time and are much safer in running than the free floating wheels.

Carette Gauge 2 GW Celestory Roof Composite. From the 'Abergavenny' collection, experimentally wrapped in vinyl ink jet printed  photograph, original kindly supplied by Ned Williams. Most buffers on these vehicles are 3D printed replacements. Originally filled with cement up to the waist!

Carette Gauge 2 GW Full Brake, from the 'Abergavenny' collection. Body in as found condition, underframe restored to running order. Note the heavy discolouration of the litho - this penetrates right through and is not just a surface discolouration. All the vehicles in this collection are affected in the same way. Maybe 100 years in someone's garage, with oil and petrol fumes?

Here's a video of 'Abergavenny' with the bogie coaches and the non-passenger stock.